By Todd Allee
Devil in the Details? The Investment Effects of Dispute Settlement Variation in BITs
By Kathleen Cunningham
Arming Syrian Rebels May Make Peace Elusive
Baltimore Sun, 11 July 2013
By Edward Kaufman
The Tehran Tangle in Middle East Peace
The Guardian, 20 September 2010
Palestinians Can Take the Lead
Common Ground News Service, 16 September 2010
By William Reed
Arming Syrian Rebels May Make Peace Elusive
Baltimore Sun, 11 July 2013
By Shibley Telhami
America’s Puzzling Moral Ambivalence About Middle East Refugees
Brookings Institution Markaz Blog, 28 June 2016
The War in Gaza Threatens Egypt Too
Reuters, 22 July 2014
Political Pluralism in the OSCE Mediterranean Partners
16 July 2014
America Has a Plan. And, No, It Isn't One That Israel Would Like.
Foreign Policy, 2 March 2014
Where is the Israeli Public on Iran?
Brookings Review, 7 December 2013
Israeli and Palestinian Public Opinion on Negotiating a Final Status Peace Agreement
6 December 2013
President Obama's Confused Logic
Politico, 10 September 2013
Questioning Credibility
Foreign Policy, 6 September 2013
Egypt's Identity Crisis
The Washington Post, 16 August 2013
Is Kerry Right to Put Peace First?
Foreign Policy, 22 July 2013
What Just Happened in Egypt?
Reuters, 4 July 2013
Behind the Abdication of Qatar's Emir
Reuters, 26 June 2013
The Limits of U.S. Influence in Israel
Reuters, 22 January 2013
Who's the Bigger Friend of Israel -- And Do Voters Really Care?
Al-Monitor, 23 October 2012
Panic Is Not a Policy
Politico, 17 September 2012
The Perils of Tough Talk
The American Interest, 10 June 2012
What Do Egyptians Want?
Politico, 21 May 2012
The Arabs and Iran
National Interest, 21 September 2010
Can Obama Please Both Arabs and Israelis?
Foreign Policy, 25 August 2010
A Shift in Arab Views of Iran
The Los Angeles Times, 14 August 2010
By Kelvin Wong
Cheap and Plentiful Broadband in Sub-Saharan Africa
Night is falling in Fredonia
Telecommunication Interconnection Negotiation Scenario
Conflict Prevention Mitigation and Response Program for East and Southern Africa, 2007
ECOWAS Supplementary Acts: Access and Interconnection
ECOWAS Supplemental Access and Interconnection Act: The Act, Regional Telecommunications Regime, and the Benefits of Harmonization
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