Night is falling in Fredonia

Night is falling in Fredonia
July 2010
by Kelvin Wong, Brian King, and Russell Southwood
Night is falling in Fredonia is a case-study based scenario examination of complex international and cross-border telecommunications issues. Based on real-world case studies, the Night is falling in Fredonia scenario provides for an exploration and experience of critical negotiating issues, conflictive and cooperative dynamics driven by actors' motivations and strategies, and a platform to quickly and easily gain familiarity with how issues become bottlenecks and how strategies to resolve them can be developed and deployed. While built from a synthesis of real-world events in Africa, the fictional nature of the scenario allows participants to analyze issues directly without feeling defensive about any particular set of country policies.
Wong, K., King, B., & Southwood, R. (2010). Night is Falling in Fredonia (Publication). London: Balancing Act. 
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