Book cover -- Peace and Conflict 2016Peace and Conflict 2016
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ISBN: 1857438299
236 pages
An authoritative source of information on violent conflicts and peacebuilding processes around the world, Peace and Conflict is a annual publication of the University of Maryland's Center for International Development and Conflict Management and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva).
The contents of the 2016 edition are divided into three sections:
Global Patterns and Trends provides an overview of recent advances in scholarly research on various aspects of conflict and peace, as well as chapters on armed conflict, violence against civilians, non-state armed actors, democracy and ethnic exclusion, terrorism, defense spending and arms production and procurement, peace agreements, state repression, foreign aid, and the results of the Peace & Conflict Instability Ledger, which ranks the status and progress of more than 160 countries based on their forecasted risk of future instability.
Special Feature spotlights work on measuring micro-level welfare effects of exposure to conflict.
Profiles has been enlarged to survey developments in instances of civil wars, peacekeeping missions, and international criminal justice proceedings that were active around the world during 2014.
Frequent visualizations of data in full-color, large-format tables, graphs, and maps bring the analysis to life and amplify crucial developments in real-world events and the latest findings in research.
The contributors include many leading scholars in the field from the U.S. and Europe. 
Backer, D. A., Bhavnani, R., & Huth, P. K. (2016). Peace and conflict 2016 / edited by David A. Backer, Ravi Bhavnani and Paul K. Huth. Routledge.