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Ted Robert Gurr
Monty G. Marshall
Deepa Khosla
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Peace and Conflict 2001 is the first publication from the Integrated Network for Societal Conflict Research (INSCR). This full-color, 40-page "global report card" details major trends in armed conflict, self-determination movements, and democracy through the contemporary era (1946-2000) and provides a "conflict ledger" assessing each country's "peace-building capacity" at the turn of the new millennium.


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Peace and Conflict 2001




Chapter 1



Chapter 2

The Peace and Conflict Ledger


Chapter 3

Global Trends in Violent Conflict


Chapter 4

Self-determination Movements and Their Outcomes


Chapter 5

From Autocracy Toward Democracy


Chapter 6

Policy Implications


Chapter 7



Gurr, T. R., Marshall, M. G., & Khosla, D. (2000). Peace and conflict 2001: A global survey of armed conflicts, self-determination movements, and democracy. Maryland: University of Maryland, Center for International Development and Conflict Management.