Multi-Track Diplomacy 

Multi-track diplomacy Flyer

In addition to their work with international partners, the Partners in Conflict/Partners in Peacebuilding Projects offer workshops that provide experiential learning and multiple perspectives on ways to bring about conflict transformation. Their aim is to help participants develop the personal and professional skills needed to facilitate the resolution of protracted ethnic, nationalist, religious or other complex societal conflicts, as well as conflicts over borders, water or other common-pool resources. These skills are also of great value in managing conflict in organizations and closer to home, in the workplace, family or community.

As almost all violent conflicts are now primarily intra- rather than inter-state, citizens' and multi-track diplomacy have become increasingly important tools for diplomats, government and IO agencies, and staff of civil society organizations working for development, democratic reform, relief, refugee and humanitarian aid, human rights, women's rights, as well as for educators, police, activists, youth leaders and other concerned citizens in areas of conflict or instability.

Multi-track diplomacy training uses innovative problem-solving, community peacebuilding and mediation methodologies to guide stakeholders in the search for common ground, and analyzes core issues that arise from the practice and evaluation of second track diplomacy. The training is regularly offered via winter and summer programs at the University of Maryland, as well as customized programs for organizations based on client need.

The 2020 Summer Program, Multi-Track Diplomacy: Transforming Violent Conflict, will be held from June 1st to July 3rd, 2020. See the following link for more information.