Media Coverage of Team Teaching Course

The 2006 summer course taught jointly by Professor Edy Kaufman, formerly of the Truman Center at Hebrew University, and Professor Manuel Hassassian, former Rector of Bethlehem University, received considerable media coverage:

Finding Mideast Unity in the Classroom
The Washington Post, July 31, 2006

Every detail had to be negotiated when an Israeli and a Palestinian started team-teaching a class on the Middle East. They haggled over the syllabus, the readings, the maps, even the words used: Was 1948, when Israel was formed, the War of Liberation -- or the Catastrophe?

Israeli, Palestinian work together
The Baltimore Sun, August 6, 2006

University of Maryland researchers Edy Kaufman and Manuel Hassassian know something about negotiations. One Israeli, the other Palestinian, they sat down and figured out how to teach a class on the Middle East together.

Instructors find friendship in divisive conflict
The Diamondback, August 31, 2006

The likelihood that Manuel Hassassian and Edy Kaufman would ever meet was slim; the chance they would become friends, almost nonexistent.

Israeli-Palestinian ‘Odd Couple’ Tackles the Conflict -- and the Dishes
The Jewish Daily Forward, July 28, 2006

Though Israeli Edward (Edy) Kaufman and Palestinian Manuel Hassassian teach a summer course together at the University of Maryland on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, their discussions rarely end when the class bell rings. Often they will continue on through the dinner hour at the house the two share near campus -- as part of a long-running experiment in coexistence and cooperation both inside and outside the classroom.