At the CIDCM/IR Workshop, researchers present work-in-progress on all topics related to international relations. The research presented often, but not exclusively, focuses on issues related to state development and the causes and prevention of conflict between and within states. The workshop prides itself on showcasing work that is novel, methodologically rigorous, and crosses traditional subfield and disciplinary boundaries.

Workshops are open to all who are interested, especially members of the GVPT department and faculty from related departments and schools. They are generally held 5-6 times a semester, on Mondays from 11:00-12:15 p.m. in Chincoteague Hall.

See the schedule below for specific details of a presentation. If you have questions please e-mail cidcminfo [at] If you would like to present a paper, please e-mail Professor Kathleen Cunningham


Fall 2018

October 8: Bill Reed @ 11 am
October 15: Scott Kastner @ 11 am
November 5: Gabriella Lloyd @ 11 am
November 19: Gerald Schneider (University of Konstanz) @ 11 am
December 3: Debra Avant (University of Denver): “Civil Action and the Dynamics of Violence in Conflict” @ 11 am
December 10: Paul Huth & David Backer @11am

Spring 2019

February 11: Caitlin McCulloch @ 11 am
February 12: Jori Brewlawski and Brandon Ives: "Greed, Grievance, or Graduates? Why do Men Rebel"
February 25: Stacy Kosko @ 11 am
February 26: Kathleen Cunningham: "Conditions for Effective Nonviolence"
March 11: Ryan Griffiths (Syracuse) @ 11 am
April 8: Aila Matanock (Berkeley) @ 11 am
April 9: Kaitlyn Webster (Duke): “Rethinking Civil War Onset and Escalation”
April 30: Suzanna Campbell (American University): "Bringing Positive Peace into Empirical Analyses of Conflict: A Latent Variable Approach”
May 7: Roman Krtsch (Konstanz University): “The Tactical Use of Civil Resistance by Armed Rebels. Evidence from India's Maoist Insurgency”