Virginia Haufler: "I am interested in the politics of transnational relations, global governance, and transnational enterprises. Past research examined the contributions of private authority to global standard-setting in finance, labor, environment and information. Current research explores contemporary efforts to involve the private sector in conflict prevention, including the role of transnational activists and international organizations in pressing this agenda on corporations; the participation of corporations in sectoral and multi-stakeholder governance institutions (e.g., the Kimberley Process); transparency and reporting as mechanisms of governance; the impact of relationships and networks on corporate participation; and the intersection of multiple governance schemes" For more information on Professor Haufler, please visit her profile found here.

Margaret Pearson: Dr. Pearson’s ongoing research on China’s domestic economy includes state control of the economy, central-local relations, innovation in Chinese firms, Chinese regulatory institutions and, most recently, a new theorization of the Chinese bureaucracy.  On Chinese foreign policy, Dr. Pearson’s ongoing projects include determinants of Beijing’s behavior in global institutions.  She teaches courses on Chinese domestic politics and foreign policy, and on comparative politics. She has held a Fulbright Research Fellowship at Beijing University. For more information on Professor Pearson, please visit her profile found here.

Joel Simmons: His research focuses on social policy, economic development, corruption, and the political economy of gender. His book, The Politics of Technological Progress:  Parties, Time Horizons, and Long-term Economic Development, is to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2016. Current projects include a study of how oil wealth undermines women's economic and political power, a study of the relationship between female legislators and corruption in the U.S. states, and a study linking higher levels of natural resource production to higher levels of  corruption in the U.S. states. Fore more information on Assistant Professor Simmons, please visit his profile found here.

Shibley Telhami: Shibley Telhami, the Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development, is currently writing a book on the Evangelicals and the Middle East. This publication will be based on extensive public opinion polling, focus groups, and historical analysis. He is also currently in the process of writing an article on the rise of cosmopolitan identity in the Arab world and the United States based on public opinion analysis. Dr. Telhami is also continuing to conduct American public opinion polls probing attitudes toward foreign policy issues. His forthcoming poll will probe attitudes of Millennials on a variety of issues including refugees. Dr. Telhami also continues to travel and speak at various conferences. This semester, Dr. Telhami traveled to Yale University where he served as a panelist at the Yale Kissinger Conference on a panel titled, “Anwar Sadat and the United States in the Middle East.” Later this semester, he will be traveling to Philadelphia to speak to the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and also to Princeton University where he will be serving on a panel titled, “The Arab-Israeli Peace Process: Public and Elites Perspective” at the United States-Israel Relations Conference. For more information on Dr. Telhami, please visit his profile found here.