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Peace and Conflict 2005:
A Global Survey of Armed Conflicts, Self-Determination Movements, and Democracy
June 2005
by Monty G. Marshall, Ted Robert Gurr
Peace and Conflict 2005 is the third edition in the Integrated Network for Societal Conflict Research (INSCR) Program's biennial global report series. This full-color, 100-page global report details major trends in armed conflict, self-determination movements, and democracy through the contemporary era, 1946-2004, and provides a "conflict ledger" assessing each country's "peace-building capacity" in early 2005. The 2005 edition of the report complements the earlier editions by updating the trends and issues raised in the earlier reports, updating its descriptions of the status of major armed conflicts and self-determination movements, and expanding its analysis to include four new issues: trends in ethnic discrimination, 1950-2003; political instability in Africa (including an Africa Instability Ledger); genocides and politicides since 1955; and the social roots of, and general trends, in global terrorism.
Peace and Conflict 2005
Chapter 1
Ted Robert Gurr and Monty G. Marshall
Chapter 2
Peace and Conflict Ledger
Monty G. Marshall
Chapter 3
Global Trends in Violent Conflict
Monty G. Marshall
Chapter 4
Global Trends in Democratization
Monty G. Marshall
Chapter 5
Self-Determination Movements and Their Outcomes
Deepa Khosla
Chapter 6
The Decline of Ethnic Political Discrimination, 1950-2003
Victor Asal and Amy Pate
Chapter 7
Focus on Political Instability in Africa
Monty G. Marshall
Chapter 8
Assessing Risks of Genocide and Politicide
Barbara Harff
Chapter 9
Global Terrorism: An Overview and Analysis
Monty G. Marshall
Chapter 10
Monty G. Marshall and Ted Robert Gurr
Chapter 11
Marshall, M. G., & Gurr, T. R. (2005). Peace and conflict 2005: A global survey of armed conflicts, self-determination movements, and democracy. College Park, MD: Center for International Development & Conflict Management.