The Literary Heritage of the Arabs

Book cover -- The Literary Heritage of the ArabsThe Literary Heritage of the Arabs
Saqi Books
© 2012
ISBN: 9780863568
496 pages
edited by Suheil Bushrui, James M. Malarkey
The Literary Heritage of the Arabs samples some of the finest literature produced by Arab writers in the last 1,500 years. The selection of poetry and prose spans many genres and styles, conveying the full range of Arab experiences and perspectives -- from the tragic to the comic, the wistful to the mystical, the courtly to the lowly, and the Arab East to Andalusia.
The reader of this anthology will become aware of the extent to which this vibrant and distinctive literary heritage has always been both receptive to the currents from neighbouring cultures and influential in the evolution of other literary traditions, in South Asia, Western Europe and beyond. Thus, the reader will discover, behind local colours and different literary conventions, our common humanity.
Bushrui, S. B., Malarkey, J. M., & Bruss, C. B. (2012). The literary heritage of the Arabs: An anthology. London: Saqi Books.