International Negotiation in a Complex World, Fourth Edition

Book cover -- International Negotiation in a Complex World, Fourth EditionInternational Negotiation in a Complex World, Fourth Edition
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
© 2015
ISBN: 1442231084
218 pages
by Jonathan Wilkenfeld, Mark A. Boyer, Brigid Starkey
The process of negotiation, standing as it does between war and peace in many parts of the globe, has never been a more vital process to understand than in today's rapidly changing international system. Students of negotiation must first understand key IR concepts as they try to incorporate the dynamics of the many anomalous actors that regularly interact with conventional state agents in the diplomatic arena. This hands-on text provides an essential introduction to this high-stakes realm, exploring the impact of complex multilateralism on traditional negotiation concepts such as bargaining, issue salience, and strategic choice. Using an easy-to-understand board game analogy as a framework for studying negotiation episodes, the authors include a rich array of real-world cases and examples to illustrate key themes, including the intensity of crisis situations for negotiators, the role of culture in communication, and the impact of domestic-level politics on international negotiations. Providing tools for analyzing why negotiations succeed or fail, this innovative text also presents effective exercises and learning approaches that enable students to understand the complexities of negotiation by engaging in the diplomatic process themselves. 
 Starkey, B., Boyer, M. A., & Wilkenfeld, J. (2015). International negotiation in a complex world. Rowman & Littlefield.