The World's Favourite Love Poems

Book cover -- The World's Favourite Love PoemsThe World's Favourite Love Poems
Oneworld Publications Ltd
© 2013
ISBN: 1851689826
192 pages
edited by Suheil Bushrui
In this charming anthology, Suheil Bushrui, renowned literature professor, presents an unusually varied collection of the world's favourite love poetry from around the globe and down through the ages. The first compilation to have such wide international coverage, this unique volume contains nearly 200 works from some of the foremost writers in history, including Goethe, Shakespeare, Ibn Arabi, and Rumi, as well as poetry from the indigenous peoples of Africa, Australasia, and the Americas. Beautifully packaged in hardback, this delightful collection of English and translated verse is perfect for any lover of poetry, and will make a unique gift for someone special.
Bushrui, S. B. (2013). The world's favourite love poems. Richmond: Oneworld.