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Hoda Mahmoudi
University of Maryland
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In this study, Hoda Mahmoudi addresses themes central to building a more peaceful world, including human nature and its capacity to mobilize for good and ill, the pace and scope of changes shaping global conditions, and the role of education in transforming not only individuals but also societies at large. First presented in November 2012 as the Inaugural Lecture of the Bahá’í Chair for World Peace—an endowed academic program at the University of Maryland—Vision and Prospects for World Peace shares a concept of peace-building called a "worldview approach." "This approach," writes Professor Mahmoudi, "moves beyond nationalism and particularism and instead embraces a global, or 'globalizing,' view of peace that significantly expands and enriches the prevailing, Western-oriented model of peace education." These Inaugural Lecture proceedings also include introductory statements by distinguished authorities on related topics such as the origins and history of the Bahá’í Chair for World Peace and the strategic mission of the University of Maryland, which focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, and engagement with the world. Vision and Prospects for World Peace contributes fresh perspectives to the vital and complex dialogue on the search for peace.


Mahmoudi, H. (2013). Vision and prospects for world peace: Proceedings of the inaugural lecture. University of Maryland.