Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible to apply for the program? How competitive is the application process?

Students eligible to apply must be entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year of undergraduate studies. Applicants must be full-time students in good standing, with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. The program has enrolled students from 11 of the 12 undergraduate colleges or schools at the University of Maryland; in 2010, 70 percent of accepted students were entering their junior year.

In selecting students to participate in the program, the applicant review committee emphasizes academic achievement and levels of demonstrated interest in international development and/or conflict management (through coursework and/or activities).

Do I need to have enrolled in specific courses or have declared a particular major to apply to the program?

No. We welcome applications from students representing all colleges and majors at the University of Maryland. There are also no prerequisites for the core, capstone, or practicum courses.

Can I complete the program in one academic year?

Yes, it is possible to complete the program in one academic year, but it can be somewhat of a tight fit and takes considerable advance planning. Be particularly mindful of scheduling constraints: some courses are only offered once per academic year. None of the courses below are offered during the winter or summer terms.

GVPT354 – offered each fall semester only
GVPT355 – offered each spring semester only
GVPT356 – offered in the fall and spring semester each year
BSOS388E – offered in the fall and spring semester each year

The schedule of research methods courses and the elective courses depend on the department offering the course and are subject to change. Also, please note that all department and college restrictions and course prerequisites for research methods courses and elective courses apply.

Can I take the core and capstone courses during the same semester?

You may take the core and capstone courses concurrently (GVPT354 and GVPT356 in the same semester, for example, or GVPT355 and GVPT356 in the same semester), but we ask that all newly admitted students register for GVPT354 (the core course) during the first semester after being admitted into the program. For example, all students accepted into the program in Spring 2011 are asked to register for GVPT354 in the Fall 2011 semester.

I have already taken a quantitative research methods (or statistics) course. Can I use that course to satisfy the research methods requirement?

Most likely. Students are required to take a 3 credit, 200- or higher-level research methods or statistics course. This course can be drawn from any discipline but may require approval from the Program Director

Prior to applying for the program, I completed an internship that I believe is relevant to program. Can I use this internship to satisfy the practicum requirement?

We ask that all students complete their MIDCM practical experience after admission into the program. Please note, with the exception of the research methods requirement, all courses must be completed after acceptance into the program.

If you have any further questions, please email us to