Research Faculty
Name Email Location & Phone
Profile picture of Jacon Aronson Aronson, Jacob
Assistant Research Scientist
jacobaro [at] 2117B Chincoteague Hall
(301) 314-9180
David Backer Backer, David
Associate Director - CIDCM; Director - MIDCM; Research Professor - GVPT
dbacker [at] 2117H Chincoteague Hall
(301) 314-7704
Profile Picture of Deniz Cil Cil, Deniz
Postdoctoral Scholar
dcil [at] 2117D Chincoteague Hall
John Davies Davies, John
Co-Director / Senior Research Associate - Partners in Conflict / Partners in Peace
jdavies [at] 4122 Chincoteague Hall
(301) 314-7709
Edy Kaufman Kaufman, Edward
Senior Research Scientist - Partners in Conflict / Partners in Peacebuilding
kaufmane [at] 4122 Chincoteague Hall
(301) 314-5907
Profile picture of Stacy Kosko Kosko, Stacy J.
Associate Director - MIDCM
sjkosko [at] 2117K Chincoteague
(301) 314-7707
Hoda Mahmoudi Mahmoudi, Hoda
Research Professor & Chair - Bahá’í Chair for World Peace
mahmoudi [at] 1114 Chincoteague Hall
(301) 314-7714
Montgomery, David
Associate Research Professor
dwmontgo [at]
Kelvin Wong Wong, Kelvin
Assistant Director - CIDCM, Africa Development Programming
kwong1 [at] 2117C Chincoteague Hall
(301) 314-1285