Montgomery is an Associate Research Professor in the Center for International Development and Conflict Management; Director of Program Development for CEDAR--Communities Engaging with Difference and Religion; an Associate with the Central Asia Program at George Washington University; and a former policy fellow with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has conducted long-term anthropological field research in Central Asia and the Balkans, where his work focuses on the transmission of religious and cultural knowledge; the expressions of everyday religious life; and the social aspects of religious change. He is the author of Practicing Islam: Knowledge, Experience, and Social Navigation in Kyrgyzstan (University of Pittsburgh Press 2016); of Living with Difference: How to Build Community in a Divided World (with Adam Seligman and Rahel Wasserfall) (University of California Press 2015); and editor of Everyday Life in the Balkans (Indiana University Press 2018). He has taught at the University of Pittsburgh, Emory University, and Boston University.

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