How do I become part of the Minor in International Development and Conflict Management (MIDCM)?

Students are admitted to MIDCM by means of an application process. The process typically opens late in the Fall semester each academic year, with a submission deadline for priority consideration that is early in the Spring semester. Admitted students start the program in the subsequent Fall semester. The application is available here, with rolling admissions.

Who is eligible to apply for the program? How competitive is the application process?

Applicants must be full-time students in good standing, with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Not all applicants are admitted to the program. In selecting students for admission, the committee emphasizes academic achievement, as well as interest in international development, conflict management, and global affairs that has been demonstrated through coursework and other meaningful experiences, including study-abroad and service-learning programs, extracurricular activities, and foreign travel.

Do I need to have declared a particular major or completed specific courses to apply to the program?

No -- MIDCM welcomes applications from all undergraduate students. The program has enrolled a diverse assortment of students from dozens of majors across every undergraduate college and school at the University of Maryland. Relevant prior coursework is useful to support an application and for purposes of succeeding in the program, but not required for admission.

When can I apply to the program?

To be eligible to apply to the program, students are expected to have completed 15 credits of undergraduate coursework -- the equivalent of first semester of freshman year. Roughly one-quarter of students are admitted to start the program in their sophomore year, one-half in their junior year, and the remaining one-quarter in their senior year.

Can I complete the program in one academic year?

Yes -- completing the program in one academic year is feasible. Doing so can be somewhat of a tight fit and takes careful planning. Be mindful of scheduling constraints, since a number of the required courses are only offered once per academic year. The normal plan of courses taught by MIDCM is:

GVPT354 (gateway course) – offered during the Fall semester only
GVPT355 (capstone course) – offered during the Spring semester only
GVPT356 (capstone course) – offered during both the Fall and Spring semesters each academic year
BSOS388E (practicum course) – offered during the Fall and Spring semesters each academic year

The above courses have not been offered regularly during the Winter or Summer terms, but students are encouraged to check with the program and consult Testudo about any availability.

The availability of research methodology courses and Global Perspectives Elective courses eligible to fulfill MIDCM requirements depends on the unit offering each of these courses and is subject to change. MIDCM students who seek to enroll in these courses remain subject to standard policies and course prerequisites.

Can I take the gateway and either or both capstone courses during the same semester?

No -- completing the gateway course (GVPT354) is a prerequisite for taking the two capstone courses (GVPT355 and GVPT356). All students are expected to register for the gateway course during the first Fall semester after being admitted into the program. Students are then permitted to take the capstone courses during any subsequent semester. Both capstone courses can be taken during the same semester, if desired. For example, students admitted into the program in Spring 2021 would usually complete the gateway course in the Fall 2021 semester and at least one of the capstone courses in the Spring 2022 semester.

I have already taken a research methods course. Can I use that course to satisfy the research methods requirement of MIDCM?

Potentially. Students are required to take a 3-credit, 200- or higher-level course that focuses on research methods relevant to MIDCM. The course can be quantitative in nature (e.g., statistics), but that is not the only option. This course can be in any discipline -- and may fulfill a requirement of a student's major. All determinations about eligible courses are made by the Director of MIDCM.

Before applying for the program, I completed a practical experience that I believe is relevant to program. Can I use this experience to satisfy the requirement of MIDCM?

Yes -- students who have completed a practical experience (e.g, job, research/teaching assistant, internship, service-learning program, community service, social entrepreneurship) that fulfills the guidelines, within two years prior to enrollment in the practicum course (BSOS388E), can seek approval from the Director of MIDCM.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to midcminfo [at] ().