Academic Articles and Book Chapters

By Todd Allee
Failure to Deliver: The Investment Effects of U.S. Preferential Economic Agreements
April 2012
The Divergent Effects of Joining International Organizations
April 2012
Contingent Credibility: The Reputational Effects of Investment Treaty Disputes on Foreign Direct Investment
July 2011
Delegating Differences: Bilateral Investment Treaties and Patterns of Dispute Resolution Design
March 2010
By Johanna Birnir
Religion and Coalition Politics
January 2013
Religion, Government Coalitions, and Terrorism
January 2013
Ethnic Inclusion and Economic Growth
March 2011
Where Are the Disgruntled Voters?
January 2010
Divergence in Diversity?
July 2007
By David Cunningham
Explaining External Support for Insurgent Groups
October 2011
Blocking Resolution: How External States can Prolong Civil War
March 2010
It Takes Two: A Dyadic Analysis of Civil War Duration and Outcome
May 2009
By Kathleen Cunningham
A Plague of Initials: Fragmentation, Cohesion and Infighting in Civil Wars
June 2012
Nonstate Actors, Fragmentation, and Conflict Processes: Introducing the special issue
February 2012
Shirts Today, Skins Tomorrow: Dual Contests and the Effects of Fragmentation in Self-Determination Disputes
February 2012
Divide and Conquer or Divide and Concede: How Do States Respond to Internally Divided Separatists?
May 2011
Shared Space: Ethnic Groups, State Accommodation and Localized Conflict
December 2010
Dissidents, Repression, and Inconsistency
By Paul Huth
Bringing Law to the Table: Legal Claims, Focal Points, and the Settlement of Territorial Disputes Since 1945
January 2013
By John McCauley
Africa's New Big Man Rule?: Pentecostalism and Patronage in Ghana
January 2013