Dr. Edward (Edy) Kaufman was born and grew up in Argentina, but has lived and worked in Israel since 1960. He studied at Hebrew University, received his doctorate in International Relations at the Sorbonne, and did postgraduate work in the United States, where he has also taught frequently. He has been on the faculty at Hebrew University since 1970, with visiting stints at many other institutions, and has been Executive Director of the Truman Institute since 1983 (with a five year break from 1991-96 to direct the Center for International Development and Conflict Management at the University of Maryland).

Dr. Kaufman's work has focused on human rights and conflict resolution on several continents, especially Latin America and the Middle East. He has been instrumental in focusing the work of the Truman Institute on joint research projects with Palestinian academics, and has helped to introduce conflict resolution as a discipline to the Hebrew University and to Israel and the Middle East in general. Given his background, his participation in the project will help to direct the project's research towards issues and solution that will be relevant to both Latin America and the Middle East, as well as other parts of the world.

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Edy Kaufman
4122 Chincoteague Hall
Center for International Development and Conflict Management
kaufmane [at] umd.edu